Youth is wasted on the wrong people
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"Acting should be bigger than life. Scripts should be bigger than life. It should ALL be bigger than life.”

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Joan Crawford photographed by Eve Arnold, 1959.

She was the last of the queen bees. ~ Eve Arnold

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Joan Crawford and Bette Davis photographed for What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? 1962

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Bette Davis in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)

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Casablanca (1942)

The letter is crying. It’s as if her tears are being expressed visibly on the page. - Roger Ebert 

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Sixty Three Years of “I Love Lucy”  October 15, 1951

The first episode of I Love Lucy premiered on CBS on Monday, October 15th, 1951 at nine o’clock and hasn’t gone off air since. As I Love Lucy has been passed down from generation to generation, it has been translated into seventy-seven languages, produces millions of dollars for CBS each year, and has been estimated to be the most watched television show of all time. Desilu Productions, run by married stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, pioneered and perfected the live audience, the three camera system, and the rerun. During its original run from 1951 - 1957, I Love Lucy enjoyed such immense popularity that business owners would close their stores on Monday nights. Telephone companies confirmed that phone calls plummeted to a minimum during the Lucy half hour. Parents adjusted bedtimes so families could stay up to watch Lucy. Tuesday morning conversations consisted of, “Did you see ‘the show’ last night?” And when Lucille Ball gave birth to her television son - the night of the day she gave birth to her real life son - sixty eight percent of American viewers tuned in, easily trumping the number of those who watched the inauguration of the president the following day. The show’s continuing popularity is a result of its timeless principles: friendship, laughter, and love. 

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The Wall (1982)

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Classic Hollywood Bloopers

And the greatest Hollywood blooper of all time: